4 Common Mistakes Indie Hip-Hop Artist Are Making


With the number of independent Hip-Hop artist on the rise and even more artist who do not understand that Hip-Hop is a culture and a business, we at the Hip Hop PR Firm would like to give you some insightful information on how you can tighten up your music career. You may not be making all these mistakes but it doesn’t hurt to double check.

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1. Investing Your Money In The Wrong Places

This point speaks for itself. There are so many companies offering services to indie artist, which is great for the current market but an artist should know when it is appropriate to hire new team members. Always do your research on the individuals you decided to work with but most importantly make sure it is the right time. Do not be pressured into moving too fast on what seems like a great opportunity. If you make great music and are truly talented there will always be people willing to work with you.

2. Poor Communication Strategies When Networking

Let’s begin with sending DM’s that begin and end with “Lets work”. If you are looking to seriously network with industry professionals take the time to compose a creative message that shows you are serious about your music career. Also, know who you are reaching out to before you press send. Sending a message that asks “What exactly do you do” shows that you did not take the time to research before you reached out.

When sending an email, write a proper greeting and include the necessary information the recipient needs to look you up. Always include your bio, music links, and social media handles with every email, furthermore, have a goal in mind when sending out your messages. Know what the objective is so you can close the deal right away.

3. Not Having A Team

If you are just beginning your music career you may not have a choice but as time progresses you need to start thinking seriously about who you want on your team. Start with a qualified manager who can assist you with building your career and will start the search for other team members for you, while you put more focus into creating great music.

4. Having Too Many “Yes Men” Around

Don’t be afraid to hear that your music maybe whack, especially if it’s coming from an honest place. Also, stop looking to build with people who “believe” in your movement. You want to work with the best people in the industry who will guide you and show you how to succeed as an independent artist. Not expecting honest feedback on your music won’t force you to grow creativity. Have people around who respect you enough to be honest and is not afraid to see you reach your fullest potential.