E-Blast & Record Pools

Custom press release, artwork, music link, social media handles, music video, and DJ service pack blasted to over 80,000 contacts within the music industry. E-mail blast will go out every Tuesday and Thursday for 30 days with full progress reports every Monday. Your music will be sent out a total of 8x over the course of 30 days to over 80,000 music industry contacts with weekly reports every Monday. You also have the choice of submitting your music to 3 other top DJ record pools in the country along with our E-blast.

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Service To:

Radio (Program Directors)
Radio ( Asst. Program Directors)
Radio ( Mixers)
Radio (Mix Show Directors)

Radio Is Serviced To Urban, Rhythmic, Pop, Adult AC
All Top 250 Stations From Each Genre.

College Radio
Internet Radio
Mix Tape Djs
Club Djs
Mobile Djs
Tour DJs
Blogg Sites
Record Pools
Label Owners
Label Reps
Marketing Partners